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Digital Lifestyles only deals in Premium Speakers, Projectors, Audio Video Processors, and Amplifiers. A Cinema can be designed to deliver the look and feel of a real trip to the movies, or it can reflect the style and décor of the home. Modern technologies allow you to have a cinema that is not visible until the press of a button reveals the projector and screen from the ceiling, turns the processor on, makes the lights dim, and plays the movie.

Touchscreen controls simplify your home cinema, so even a guest or your children can enjoy it. Rather than having a remote control for every device, such as the DVD player, satellite receiver, CD player, stereo tuner, surround processors, etc., you will only have one controller that makes playing a DVD as simple as pressing one button.

For example, to play a DVD movie you would simply touch the button that reads “Play DVD”. Everything is done automatically. The same can be done for satellite TV, cable TV, or playing the VCR.

We design our cinemas using state-of-the-art methods that create an exhilarating audio visual experience for the viewer. Our methods also reduce outside noise coming into the cinema, and minimizes cinema sounds from leaking into other rooms in the home.

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